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Solar Muck Sucker, What is it? and What do they do?

You may know them as a Solar Siphon Clip, Water Drainage Clip, or another name. But we call them Solar Muck Suckers as we have found that's exactly what they do! Suck the Muck off that is usually left along the bottom of your Solar PV Panels due to the frame lip being higher than the glass.

The Dirt (Muck) and Hard water stain left on the Cells along the bottom of your Solar Panels even after it rains has been proven to effect your Solar Panels Performance by 10% or more. for as little as $1ea our Solar Muck Suckers help prevent this Stain from appearing to start with, and remove the dirt that sits along the bottom.   

I myself have been using and installing these Clips since 2020 when I first came upon them. I had a 100kw commercial customer with Panels at only 2 Deg Pitch, that had built up a Hard Water Stain that covered up more than one whole cell along the bottom of their Panels. Since installing the Clips and Annual Cleaning I have been able to remove the Stain and get their Panels back to Maximum Production for them. (Ocean Tyres in Gladstone QLD)

SInce then I have been Selling these Clips to other Solar Cleaners and Solar PV Installers throughout Australia.

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