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          Solar Wash Protect

It is a concentrated product which must be diluted with water to wash and protect solar panels leaving them clean for longer periods of time.

Solar Wash Protect solution cleans quickly and efficiently different types of dirt optimizing the use of water on the washing procedure. The product formula allows an additional protection to the panel at the end of the wash which will reduce water spotting and slower the adhesion and accumulation of dirt on the solar panel.

These benefits make it the most cost-effective PV panel cleaner on the market.

SOLAR WASH PROTECT was specially designed to:

1. Help facilitate and optimize the cleaning operations and procedures of O&M teams/cleaning services companies;

2. Allow asset managers, utility pv solar parks owners, residential and industrial pv solar installations owners to achieve higher yields from their investment for longer periods;

3. Support PV module manufacturers in giving their clients the best possible choice in terms of a completely safe and efficient cleaning product to be used in their solar panels.

Non-Solvent/pH neutral: Does not affect metal rails or anti-reflective coatings;

Surface protection: Reduces water spotting and cleaning frequency;

Biodegradable: Does not harm plant/animal life and water table;

Phosphate & Chlorine Free: Environmentally friendly.

Use Solar Wash Protect and see:

Fast, easy and efficient cleaning of any kind of dirt.

Use of much less water to clean panels — Water consumption optimization.

The dirt will not adhere so easily on to the surface of solar panel therefore avoiding the fast decrease of solar panel power output.

Extension of cleaning intervals.

The automatic extending of the solar panel life by cleaning it better and safely

Experience higher yields for longer

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*SOLAR WASH PROTECT can be used also to clean mirrors or lenses of Concentrated Solar Power systems (CSP)

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