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Hot Water Servicing

Like most things we all purchase, your hot water system is bought, installed, and then forgotten about until something goes wrong! right?

And like most times, no one ever reads the booklet that comes with it! right?

So like our Vehicles, your Hot Water System requires Servicing!

You Paid Thousands for it!
Help it keep working for you long after your neighbours :)

So your Hot Water System Manufacture Recommends these Service Items at These intervals!
(can usually find this information on a sticker on the side of your hot water system also)

You yourself can do this!

  • Test your PTR (Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve. This is Located at the Top section of your Hot Water System, Will have a lever or knob. Make sure you or anyone else is not standing near the outlet of the pipe attached to this Valve as HOT WATER will come out of this pipe! Gently lift the lever or turn the knob and water will release! Release the Lever or let go of the knob and the water should stop! This will make sure your Valve is working, and Also make sure the outlet pipe is clear of obstructions! Also check that the valve closes correctly and the water stops flowing out the pipe.

  •  Test the Expansion Control Valve. This guy is very similar to the PTR valve just located at the bottom/inlet of the Hot Water System. Test this valve the same way you tested the PTR Valve!

  •  Check your Hot Water Temperature. A new law implemented in 2012 means that tempering valves must be fitted on every hot water system. These anti-scald devices regulate water temperature to 50 degrees. In most cases, the manufacturer warranty is void if these valves are not fitted. Most houses will have a thermometer of some sort in the house. Maybe one in the kitchen for cooking? Use the thermometer you find and turn a Hot Water Tap on, and hold the thermometer under running water for about 1-3 min. In your Bathroom Basin is best. Make sure the temperature does not get more than 55 Deg.

  • Visual Inspection. Check visually around the unit especially at the inlet and outlet point to make sure there is no signs or leaks or rust marks.

And that's it, Simply by doing this Every 6 Months, you will help prolong the life of your unit and Valves! 



This one Should be Done by a Qualified and licenced Plumber!



  • Replace the PTR Valve (Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve). 

  • Replace the Anode. Your Hot Water Tank will have a sacrificial Anode entering from the top of the unit. This Anode is to help your Tank not to rust! (In some areas of harsh or adverse water conditions it is recommended that you carry out a more frequent check of your anode's condition.)

  • Flush out your Water Tank. Your Hot Water Tank will accumulate Dirt and Sludge, also particles that have Fallen of the Sacrificial Anode. These Particles if left laying on the bottom of your Tank will help shorten the life of your System. 

  • Check all other Valves. Valves are not going to last forever! Check your Temperature Valve is Still working as per 6 Monthly Service, and Cold Expansion Valve. Also your system will have whats called a Duo Valve ( Isolation & Non-Return Valve) These guys wear over time, and most times are the major cause if you have Water Hammer in your House. Simple Replacement at 5 Year intervals is the Best way to eliminate this. at $30 it is worth it at the 5 Year Service rather than a call back when it happens one night or weekend!


So simply contact us today to book in your 5 year service if your system is 5 years old or more, and save your self having to install a new unit every 10-15 years!


Wee can also Service your Solar Hot Water Systems!

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