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What do Wee Do? You may Ask.

* General Plumbing Maintenance
* Solar Hot Water Maintenance and Servicing
* Solar PV Cleaning and Maintenance
* Gas Certificates for Caravan and Campers
* Heat Pump Hot Water System Install
* Hot Water Installations
* Toilets and Taps
* Septic Treatment Servicing

Got something not on my list? Call me and Ask

Solar PV Cleaning Pricing. I've made it easy for you! Your inverter tells you how big your system is. In Watts or Kilowatts!


Detailed Visual inspection and Report is $154 

3 KW SYSTEM is $164.25

4.5 KW SYSTEM is $246.38

5 KW SYSTEM is $273.75

6.5 KW SYSTEM is $355.88

8 KW SYSTEM is $438.00

10 KW SYSTEM is $547.50

12 KW SYSTEM is $657.00

Have a High Set House? Add on $65 for Height Safety Set up and Risk Assessment.

Bigger Commercial Systems will be Quoted!

My Prices are Based on 10% of what your Solar System should be saving you Annually if it is working at it's maximum. Basically your Solar System Pays for it's own Annual Maintenance by Producing at it's maximum capacity when Clean!

Let us Treat your Panels the Way they Should Be Treated! Stop Wasting your Solars Potential $$$

           I Clean Solar Central Queensland  

​                       Est 2018

             Located in Gladstone 4680, QUEENSLAND. AUSTRALIA

    - Solar maintenance
    - Solar cleaning
    - Solar Panel Bird Proofing
    - Solar Hot Water

    - Solar Energy Storage Tanks
    - Solar Roof Ventilators - Solar King
    - Electric Hot Water Serviced

    - Solar Hot Water System installations

    - Solar P.V & Hot Water Cleaning and Maintenance


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